Stick People

Make Some Easy Craft: Stick People Family

Doing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project is fun, especially when it is an easy one, which you can participate in with a friend or a family member.

There are several items we use in our daily life, which can be reused again for other purpose such as crafting.

Today we are going to show you how to make a stick people craft, with some easy steps and affordable tools, which are available everywhere.

You will need:

  • Small Wooden sticks (pop sickles are perfect to use – various sizes if possible).
  • Small Markers colors (safe for children use).
  • White cartoon papers (can be extracted from groceries packages).
  • Paper glue (Glue Stick).

Note: this is a great chance to have fun with your children, do it as a family activity, let them participate in one or more steps, and it is a brilliant way to occupy young kids.


  • Imagination:

On a table, bring the sticks to your children, discuss with them that they have to imagine the family members’ figures and draw them on the surface of the sticks.

You can make an example for the child by drawing one sample by yourself at first, using the markers colors.

  • Coloring and shaping:

If you have different sizes sticks, then guide them to have a different size for each family members, and the size depends on the role and the age.

For example; Mom & Dad should be taller than daughters or sons.

Now have them to do the rest of the drawing and coloring, let them take their time, and monitor them regularly.

  • A few enhancements:

Bring the white cartoon paper, with the scissors cut some small pieces, which represent the hands and the legs.

Stick the cartoon hands and legs on the sticks` background, now you have got a full figure, which cost almost nothing.

This craft can be hanged on the child`s room door or wall, children love to see their art / craft works within their sights!


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Stick People

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Stick People

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Stick People

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