Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

Super bowl is a sport event match played every year, by the most famous and professional players in the American Football league, this event carries a lot of excitement especially for the American people and the American Football fans.

A day is celebrated with many ways, friends and families like to gather themselves around TV to watch and support their favorite sport, some would wear special customs, prepare certain foods and drinks to fully enjoy the day.

Kids have a part within this celebration too, as they can watch the match with their parents, or even to go to the stadium with them, to share some of the cheerful spirits of the crowd and the place.

If your kid is having a major interest in the American football sport, you can make some crafts with him related to the event and the sport.

Some of these crafts can be a cheering tool, a custom item that represents a favorite team, or just a paper craft made by the child with drawing, to occupy him / her in a good way.

  • Super Bowl Bingo:

Super Bowl Bingo

Playing Bingo brings joy and excitement, there is a bingo game designed especially for the super bowl event, and this type of game can be played by a 10+ year’s child.

Before every season many crafters post a printable sheet and cards on their websites, so there are many sources you can download from, but we have pick The Studio DIY as a source for these kind of printable games, you can check out the website version here.

  • Foam Fingers and Mega Phones:

Foam Fingers and Mega Phones

They are a joy for a child in super bowl day, they are easy to make, and you can cooperate with your child while doing them, your child certainly will have a lot of fun while cheering his / her favorite team with his crafted equipment!

You can check this further guide on making Football Craft: Mini Megaphones and Foam Finger for Superbowl Parties.

  • Jerseys’ sticks:

Jerseys’ sticks

Image source: She Know Blog

Also jerseys` sticks are great crafts and very easy to make, all you require is some ordinary paper, colors, sticks and glue, and let your child share the fun of making them with other children of his age.

For more steps and ideas; you can check this guide about making 4 Super Bowl crafts for kids.

And this other source too: Macaroni Made: Jersey Shakers.

  • Cheering pompom:

Cheering pompom

Kids like cheering, especially with a pompom! As many fun movements can be made with, it can be colored in one or more color, and the strips has many types. Of course your child will need you to help her / him doing this craft, as it includes cutting paper and choosing the right types of supplies.

Check out ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: DIY GAME DAY POMPOMS. And Plastic cheerleader pompoms, nice and fluffy.

  • Super Bowl snack cups:

Super Bowl snack cups

Image Source: About a Mom Blog

Food and super bowl events are much linked, some people would just come to a super bowl party to enjoy the food and to share the fun, even if they are not football fans.

Dry food, appetizers, chips, candies, and anything you can carry within this crafty cups, make it with the child and make him use it as a food carrier, or offer it full of food to other guests, this will make everybody having a little bit of fun!

A guide is available here: Super Bowl Snack Cups.