DIY: Lucky Shamrock Game at Home

Saint Patrick day is a famous celebration that most of the Europeans and the Northern American celebrate, the green shamrock is the common symbol for such a feast, and it is most celebrated by Irish people, or people with Irish descent all over the world.

Like every feast or event, Saint Patrick day has its own aspects, traditions, and customs.

Lucky shamrock as a symbol, inspired many crafters and innovators, to make out of it decorations, customs, and games. Our main topic today is about the lucky shamrock games.

There are many types of lucky shamrock themed games. Such as board games, puzzles, and mazes.

We collected for you some ideas as a DIY projects, for a luckier Saint Patrick Day!

  • The Lucky Shamrock Printable Game:

A board game, it is fun, as it gather two or more people around it, and it is a good way to spend time with family and friends.

On her website Cooking with My Kid, Rebecca made a good experience with her kid, by making a printable lucky Shamrock game, on this blogpost, you will find the instructions, along with the printable sheets of the game.

  • Four lucky shamrocks in a row:

A words game, which available as a printable version, also the idea itself can be designed again with some different words and styles.

This game is developed by Linda Nelson, and posted on her blog, along with other chart game too.

These samples are a quite good inspiration for chart or board games.

  • Puzzle Maze:

Many people like to play mazes, if you have lived while the printed magazines had its own glory, before the digital age, then you will enjoy this definitely!

This maze can be played by kids too, as it is easy and simple one.

Teachers Pay Teachers website is offering the printable version of the game, to download for free. So grab your pen and enjoy!

  • Patty’s Day Printable Games:

If you liked the previous game, then you are going to love this! As this is a collection of many various game sheets, mostly suited for the children.

The collection includes educational games like; odd or Even, Greater or Less, Noun or Pronoun, and many others.

A great way to spend and to celebrate the Saint Patrick day with your children.

The collection is also offered by the Teachers Pay Teachers website, and it is available for free right here.

  • Lucky Words: Roll a Word Real and Nonsense Great for Dibels & RTI:

This is another great game, which also have an educational side, it can be played with some printable sheet and dice, game`s instructions and prints are available to download for free here.