Natural Egg Dyeing Alternative Way

Natural Egg Dyeing Alternative Way

Dyeing eggs is a common tradition, especially when it comes to Easter season, which is celebrated all over the world, and some countries have many names for that feast.

In England and the US they called it Easter day, in Germany the traditional name is Ostern, in Spain and Mexico they celebrate the Semana Santa, while the Italians celebrate the Pasqua, and France calling it Paques, and there is a similar feast in Egypt called Sham El-nessim, which is an old Egyptian feast celebrated by the Egyptian people till present time.

Similar food preparations` traditions are everywhere, but the most common tradition is dyeing eggs!

Anyone can easily use manufactured dyeing colors to dye eggs, whether it is marker colors, or liquids and powder mixtures.

But that is not a healthy way, especially when you have children, and many children tend to eat colored eggs, as they consider it some kind of fun!

An alternative way is already exists and it is easier than mixing up manufactured colors, which is sometimes are not safe to use on organic food.

Using organic materials is a great way to dye eggs, it gives you awesome natural colors, and it is safer to eat, and sometimes it gives the eggs an extra flavor too!

These materials are exist in our home kitchen, represented in organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and most of them can be bought with a low cost price. So you do not have to worry either about the extra preparations, the safety, or the cost.

Let us take a look together on the natural alternative ways of dyeing eggs…

Before anything you have to boil the eggs you want to dye, some people would suggest that boiling fresh eggs with coloring ingredients can be applied too, for an extra flavor. But for an accurate result we advise you to boil the eggs separately, lifting them out of the hot water, and either to leave them in cold water for an hour (as a minimum amount of time), or in the refrigerator.

  • Red eggs:

For a red color, boil the cooked eggs with water and mix of either:

  • Pomegranate (Juice or Peels).
  • Red onions Peels (for a perfect result cover the eggs with the peels).

For at least a 30 minutes, then leave the eggs until they get your desired red tone.

  • Brown eggs:

Boil the eggs for at least 15 minutes, with:

  • Black tea leaves (bright tone).
  • Or Black coffee powder (darker tone).
  • Yellow eggs:

Pour the eggs in a water mixed with:

  • Orange juice (the more concentrated; the brighter color).
  • Or Lemon Peels.
  • Or Orange Peels.
  • Green eggs:

The most natural way to have a green color is boiling eggs with Spinach cuts (leaves), the longer you leave the eggs in the water, the greener color you would get.

  • Blue eggs:

You will require red / purple cabbage peels / leaves, but this color can take a lot of time to have the right tone, as long as you will leave the eggs in the mixture, as much tone you will have.

  • Golden Eggs:

To adjust this tone, you have to boil eggs with Turmeric powder, the longer you will leave the brighter color you will get.

  • Purple eggs:

For best result use hibiscus leaves or teabags, hibiscus affects the coloring process fast, and of course the longer you will leave the eggs into the mixture, the darker color you will get.