DIY and Craft Sites

10 DIY and Craft Sites

Being a handy person is a great gift. Since you are able to do so many things on your own, such as repairing your items, crafting some useful solutions for your needs, and it is also an intellectual skill to make use of in your spare time!

Many psychiatrists and human behaviors experts advise us to have a hobby, and to develop it regularly, especially the crafting and the DIY hobbies. As it enhances the human brain abilities, and relieves many types of pressures caused by events occurred in our daily life.

Getting into crafting and DIY skills is not as hard as many people think, while we live in our modern world, we are luckier than ever to have many resources to learn from and to practice such skills, and give all the thanks to the internet and the talented crafts` artists.

There are many types of DIY and craft categories, paper crafting, electronic repairing, modification and developing, wood crafting, recycling materials crafting, even beauty and natural healing solutions, and many other materials crafting.

Today we have gathered for you some useful resources to gain ideas, learn, and practice your favorite hobby, whether you are a beginner or a handy person, you shall find information that are beneficial for you…

  • Best out of waste:

Offering creative solutions for every type of DIY or crafting, the best thing is that most of these solutions are based on using recycled materials.

The best way to keep connected with these guys is via their Facebook page, as it post many daily solutions, which are variable and covers many crafting categories.

  • I Creative Ideas:

Their motto is “Creative Ideas and DIY Projects to Inspire Your Daily Life”.

Most of the site`s efforts covers DIY projects related to gardening, fashion, food, and house furnishing.

Ladies will love this site because it is full with beauty tips and health guides.

With an active Social Media Channels on Facebook and Pinterest, this website is always posting articles and developing its methods to keep its audience happy.

  • DIY Craft Projects:

With a fan base exceeds 3 million on their Facebook channel, this website is offering variable solutions for everything!

Crafting, daily life tips, food recipes, and a ladies` section they called Beauty Hacks!

The site is full with creative ideas, the guys running the website always post active articles and posts, and tend to follow the latest trends on their categories.

  • 5-Minute Crafts:

It is the name of the Facebook page of Brightside website, which covers many aspects including crafting via this page

The best thing about this website is their videos! They are really worth to watch, they have their own production team, and they have many videos that covers brilliant crafting ideas, you can enjoy selecting ideas from over 100 videos and hundreds of articles.

With more than 16 million audience on Facebook and approximately 10 thousand followers on Instagram, the site has a regular development, despite its young age.

  • DIY Everything:

The website was launched this year, made a lot of fans on Facebook, and has more than 300 articles that covers unusual crafts` ideas, and the website has a developing trend.

You can find many seasonal based ideas, as they have covered Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and we are waiting to see their works on Christmas!

  • Crazzy Craft:

A website that is full of many kinds DIY paper projects, from crafting gifts packages or bags, to making remarkable quilling arts.

We guarantee some unique projects on this site, as you will watch some artisan ideas you would be eager to make!

Stay connected with their Facebook Page, and do not forget to check out their website.

  • Origami Twist:

Origami Twist is a website specialized in making Origami art ideas and crafts, you can browse the site`s shop for some marvelous Origami crafts you can buy as gifts, and also the YouTube channel offers many tutorials for Origami art fans.

  • Tip Junkie:

Founded by Laurie Turk as a website specialized in craft arts, especially in holiday`s seasons, you will be able to find suitable projects for your favorite holiday.

You can register easily on this site and share some ideas with family members and friends, and the website has a multi Social Media presence consists of many different channels.

And of course ladies are most welcome to visit this site, as it has a huge section for both food and decoration.

The free printable crafts section has more than thousand printable sheets, which are available to be downloaded for free.

  • The Artful Parent:

We cannot forget to include a family and kids website, which specialized in crafting for children.

What makes this site exceptional is that it really cares about the children, their safety, and development methods, in almost every step on its guides and ideas.

You will find a lot of information, whether you are a parent or a school teacher, or even a community volunteer in a school.

Tools, guides, freebies, and activities, you will certainly find what is worthy for having a good time with your child.

  • Mollie Makes:

Molly Makes is a British Life Style and crafts magazine, and their website is astonishing!

You cannot miss to check out their website, especially when the ladies know there are many of sewing and knitting projects, with available patterns and templates, which are free to download.

The magazine offers many services, and it maintains a good relation with its readers, by providing unique and highly creative ideas.

You can check out their Pinterest Page, which have more than 1.5 million flowers, to see the latest trends of some wonderful craft projects.