10 DIY and Craft Sites

Being a handy person is a great gift. Since you are able to do so many things on your own, such as repairing your items, crafting some useful solutions for your needs, and it is also an intellectual skill to make use of in your spare time!

Many psychiatrists and human behaviors experts advise us to have a hobby, and to develop it regularly, especially the crafting and the DIY hobbies. As it enhances the human brain abilities, and relieves many types of pressures caused by events occurred in our daily life. Continue reading 10 DIY and Craft Sites

Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

Super bowl is a sport event match played every year, by the most famous and professional players in the American Football league, this event carries a lot of excitement especially for the American people and the American Football fans.

A day is celebrated with many ways, friends and families like to gather themselves around TV to watch and support their favorite sport, some would wear special customs, prepare certain foods and drinks to fully enjoy the day.

Kids have a part within this celebration too, as they can watch the match with their parents, or even to go to the stadium with them, to share some of the cheerful spirits of the crowd and the place. Continue reading Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

Natural Egg Dyeing Alternative Way

Dyeing eggs is a common tradition, especially when it comes to Easter season, which is celebrated all over the world, and some countries have many names for that feast.

In England and the US they called it Easter day, in Germany the traditional name is Ostern, in Spain and Mexico they celebrate the Semana Santa, while the Italians celebrate the Pasqua, and France calling it Paques, and there is a similar feast in Egypt called Sham El-nessim, which is an old Egyptian feast celebrated by the Egyptian people till present time. Continue reading Natural Egg Dyeing Alternative Way

Make Some Easy Craft: Stick People Family

Doing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project is fun, especially when it is an easy one, which you can participate in with a friend or a family member.

There are several items we use in our daily life, which can be reused again for other purpose such as crafting.

Today we are going to show you how to make a stick people craft, with some easy steps and affordable tools, which are available everywhere. Continue reading Make Some Easy Craft: Stick People Family

DIY: Lucky Shamrock Game at Home

Saint Patrick day is a famous celebration that most of the Europeans and the Northern American celebrate, the green shamrock is the common symbol for such a feast, and it is most celebrated by Irish people, or people with Irish descent all over the world.

Like every feast or event, Saint Patrick day has its own aspects, traditions, and customs.

Lucky shamrock as a symbol, inspired many crafters and innovators, to make out of it decorations, customs, and games. Our main topic today is about the lucky shamrock games.

Continue reading DIY: Lucky Shamrock Game at Home